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I’ll admit it.  I love babies {and just about everything that comes with them}!  I love watching babies turn into toddlers and into bigger kids…they’re just amazing, wonderful, fun, and will cause you to do the most work you’ve done and ever will do in your entire life!  I have decided to devote this entire page to baby tid-bits, information, and my own personal memories {because, let’s face it…time just moves way too quickly!}.

Pregnancy & Birth.

I am in the process of documenting each of my pregnancy/birth stories so that I have them in writing to remember forever.  I had three fairly uncomplicated, quick,  and natural births and went through each labor and delivery process without pain medication.  I included my birth stories here so that I can share them with women out there who might be curious about the process or need someone to relate to…

Baby No. 3 {Andrew’s Story}

Baby No. 2 {Caitlyn’s Story}

Baby No. 1 {Samantha’s Story}

A choice I made in each of my births was to go through the process as naturally as possible…

Why I Chose to Have Natural Births {and would do it again too}


 Baby Life.

Finding the Humor in Life After Pregnancy

Mastitis {nursing woes}

Things I Learned from Baby No. 2

Adventures in Baby Food Making

When Your Baby Isn’t a Baby Anymore.

{coming soon!}



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