20 months {jacob}

Haven’t done one of these in awhile!  I just can’t believe how sweet this one is.  He’s my cuddler and has such an easy disposition.  Happy 20 months to my Jacob Lawrence!

Age: 20 months on June 18, 2016


Sleeps: 7:30pm – 6:30am.  Jacob finally settled into sleeping through the night between 18 and 19 months.  Praise. the. Lord.

Naps: Jacob is a fantastic napper.  He sleeps for about three hours each afternoon, usually starting around 12:45.

Eats: Anything and everything.  Current favorites are grapes and applesauce.  He also LOVES water.

Diapers: Size 5

Clothes: 2T

Loves: running around naked before his bath, playing with his brother in their power wheels jeep, playing outside, climbing, water, dogs, animals, books, his wooden lawn mower toy, balls, his binkie (we’re in for a rude awakening when we start taking it away at the start of the school year :/), his blankets, cuddling, mama, saying “NO!” (ahem, are we almost two?!), going on walks in his stroller, getting dirty, playing with cars

Does NOT like: being hungry

New this month: Jacob’s sense of humor has really developed and his vocabulary is growing quickly

Best moment{s}: spending every day with Jacob over summer break

Most difficult moment{s}: little tantrums here and there and the moment I found Andrew cutting Jacob’s hair.  I mean CHOPPING it off.  Lord have mercy!

Looking forward to: watching Jacob’s personality continue to grow, especially as he talks more and more

And just for fun, here is Andrew’s 20 month update.



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