Christmas 2015

I absolutely loved Christmas this year.  Leading up to the holiday, I felt busy and behind, but the whole Christmas week was just wonderful.  I felt like we were able to keep the purpose of this holiday at the front of our minds this year.  We talked with our kids a lot about Christmas being the celebration of Jesus’ birth.  The kids, my mom, and I visited the manger scene in the middle of town near my parents’ house.  We talked about all of the figures around the manger and their roles.  It is so sweet to hear your children talk about Jesus and His love!  We started Christmas Eve off like we always do at the children’s service at my parent’s church.  I love how packed the church was and how it truly felt like a celebration.  Jacob even made it through the whole service, so that was the icing on the cake!  Over the next day there was a lot of present opening, family, and good food.  Since both sides of the family live nearby, we were able to celebrate with everyone!  I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so much love!  I hope you all had a blessed and Merry Christmas too!




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