a county fair first birthday

I love first birthdays.  I feel like it’s such a huge accomplishment to make it through that first year {whether it is your first OR your fourth baby} and I feel like reaching that milestone calls for a celebration!

I also love parties and creating fun touches to go along with a birthday party theme.  I knew for Jacob’s first birthday party we were going sort of small: just family and a few close friends, but I still wanted to pick a fun fall theme {since most of the family have spring birthdays and Andrew has a winter birthday, I don’t often get to come up with fun fall themes!}.  We went with a county fair theme, which may be more summer like than fall, but it was a fun theme to work with regardless!  Check out my inspiration here.  I added touches of the theme in the invitation, the food, and the decorations.  It would have been fun to come up with games for this theme as well, but we weren’t having a lot of kids at this party, so I just saved time and money and skipped games this time around.  The best part about this theme?  I didn’t have to purchase a single thing {other than dessert plates and the chicken we ate!}!  I simply pulled together things we had, used Illustrator to create fun graphics, and found clip art to print and fill in the rest.  Sadly, I did a terrible job of taking photos during the party, but I did snap just a few that should give you an idea…


And of course, I had to do a birthday chalkboard for the birthday boy!




Happy 1st Birthday sweet Jacob Lawrence.



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