10 months {jacob}

I cannot believe I have been a mom of four for ten months.  Time passes unbelievably quickly, and seems to pass even faster still with each baby.  I try my best to cherish every moment.  I often find myself wishing that I could go back and spend just one day with Samantha as a baby or with Caitlyn or Andrew.  I would soak in every single second and memorize every detail of each of them.  It is sad how quickly certain things fade from memory.  Eric and I recently watched some family videos from times when the older kids were babies.  It was just incredible to see them at that stage again, to remember what it was like, and to feel those feelings again.  I cannot describe how much I love being a mom to these four kids!  It’s crazy, and it’s hard, but I couldn’t love them any more.  Now onto my littlest one…

Age: 10 months on September 18, 2015

Weight: Still need to weigh him       Height: Still need to measure him!


Sleeps: Overall I can’t complain.  Jacob goes down to sleep easier than any of my other kids ever did as a baby.  I can lie him in his crib completely awake, and without a peep, he’ll fall asleep.  I put his favorite pacifier in the same corner of his crib and it’s hilarious to watch him stretch his right arm out to pull it in without even looking up.  He goes to bed at night around 6:45 or 7:00 pm.  On a great night, he wakes up once around two or three, and then sleeps until about 6:30am.  More often than not, however, he wakes around 9:00pm and 1:00am as well.  I know if I let him cry for a week or so when he woke at night he would probably stop this habit, but with such a small house, and Andrew’s current awful sleep habits, I don’t want Jacob waking the other kids.  I’m only in with him about ten minutes, though, and he’s right back to sleep.  I am choosing to enjoy our midnight cuddles knowing far too well that this baby phase is so incredibly fleeting.

Naps: Jacob continues to be a fantastic napper at home: two, two hour plus naps a day.  At his school, they are lucky to get a forty minute nap out of him.  Little stinker.

Eats: Jacob nurses about four times a day and eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Jacob eats just about everything!  At his nine month check-up his doctor gave the okay for everything except honey and cow’s milk.  Jacob loves fruit and sweet potatoes and scrambled eggs and especially loves feeding himself.

Diapers: Size 4

Clothes: 18-24 month clothes

Loves: crawling, pulling himself to standing and trying to climb up on everything, playing with Andrew’s toys {puzzles, blocks, cars, books}, feeding himself, “dancing” to music, “talking,” his siblings, cuddling, crawling around outside, and his pacifier.

Does NOT like: being tired or too hungry

New this month: real, true, full on crawling!  Finally!  Jacob waves “hi” and “bye” and makes a lot more sounds now.  Sometimes he sounds just like Andrew!  He now crawls over to me and reaches up to be picked up.

Best moment{s}: watching Jacob figure out how to crawl for real

Most difficult moment{s}: a period of four days when all six of us, yes, all six of us got the stomach flu.  It is AWFUL, absolutely AWFUL nursing when you have the stomach flu.  It is far worse than having the stomach flu while pregnant and it is the second time this has happened to me.  I pray to never have to deal with that again!

Looking forward to: Jacob’s first Halloween {his last “first” holiday} and planning his first birthday!

And just for fun, here is Andrew’s 10 month update.



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