life lately

I finished up my summer moms on the web blogger series in mid-August then took an unintentional month off of blogging.  I had Jacob’s 9 month update all ready to go, but then my pictures wouldn’t upload from my camera.  I had a couple of pieces on returning to school all written and ready to go, and again, no luck with the photos.  At that point, I began working again and my heart just wasn’t with my blog.  I sat down to write a few times and no words came.  I started thinking about the point of this blog, why I enjoy it, and why I allow it to take some of my time when I could be doing so many other things.  Truthfully, it’s kind of like therapy for me.  I can write about things I love and things on my mind and I feel happy doing so.  The photo and design aspects tap into my creative side.  I just really enjoy the whole blog thing, so I’ll keep at it for now.

Life lately has been a whirlwind and there have been many firsts around here.  In the past month I started a new job close to home.  I am teaching Kindergarten again {I’ve taught Kindergarten, Pre-K and Transitional Kindergarten, so while the district and school are new to me, the grade is not} in a nice school right by my home.  The girls both started in their new school too and the boys started at theirs.  Caitlyn lost her first tooth, the kids have all already had their first colds of the school year, we all had our first days back at work and school, we went to the first USC football game of the season, I am fully ready for fall and have added touches of fall in the form of my chalkboard and pumpkins and little decorations around the home…

I miss summer and staying home with my kids, but I am relieved to have the first couple weeks of the school year out of the way and to be settling into a routine again.  I cannot believe how quickly my kids are growing up, but am looking forward to enjoying this season with my family and am thankful for the many blessings surrounding us each day.








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