moms on the web series: ruthie hart


I hope you are all having a great Wednesday!  Today I would like for you to meet Ruthie Hart from The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart:

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I don’t remember how or when I came across this mama blogger, but I absolutely love following along and watching her two cute babies grow.  She chronicles her family’s life and shares openly and honestly about motherhood.  Although I don’t know her in “real life,” I have enjoyed getting to know this sweet mama through her blog and her photos.  To get a peek at her cute family, you can also follow along with her on Instagram @ruthiehart1.

I could go on, but who better to tell you about Ruthie, than Ruthie herself!?  I was so happy she was willing to answer some questions for me…

Hi! I am Ruthie Hart. A Texas wife in love with my city of Austin, mama to 2 under 2- Ford and Lucy, and lover of French Bulldogs, the Gospel, and my hot glue gun. I blog at, write for, and am a team leader for a mom’s group in my city.

Why blog?

I blog to touch others. I blog in hopes of encouraging other woman, mostly mamas, in their journey of parenthood, faith, marriage, and life. I also love that my blog is a memory book from the time I got married up until now. My children will be able to go back and live their pasts through my blog.

In your experience, what has been the most wonderful thing about motherhood?

The most wonderful thing about motherhood is getting to know my children. Ford is almost 2 and so full of personality, I love watching him learn, grow, discover, it really is the best thing to watch him blossom into a little kid! I also love watching him and Lucy’s relationship grow, even though she is 2 months old I know they will be the best of friends!

What is one thing you struggle with as a mom?

I struggle with selfishness as a mother. The loss of personal time has been an adjustment for me but I am reminded that this is what I am called to do and that one day I will crave my children to need me and my attention. I have learned that I need to find joy in everyday and press into the hard because it is so fleeting!

What is your favorite piece of advice you ever received about motherhood?

Best piece of advice I’ve received as a mother was from my Papa (who Ford is named after). He told me that everything is a phase and that 100% rings true in parenting. Sleepless nights, teething, separation anxiety, pickiness. They are all phases that quickly pass and I remind myself of this when I am in the trenches.

What has been the most surprising thing about motherhood to you thus far?

Motherhood brings surprises everyday! No two days are the same and that is crazy and fun. 

Here are some of Ruthie’s favorite blog posts:

Thank you so much to Ruthie for joining us here today!  Go on over to The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart to read more and I’ll see you back here on Friday when I will introduce you to another one of my favorite mama bloggers!



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