desk mini makeover


Morning, noon, and night I sit in the rocker in Jacob’s nursery {that will one day be our office + guest room and therefore houses our extra queen bed and the small desk we use for Samantha’s homework, Caitlyn’s projects, etc.}.  To my right I see the great, solid wood dresser I bought at an estate sale for under $100.  All I did was paint it with chalk paint and add new drawer pulls.  In front of me is our awesome, old family crib: the one I slept in as a baby.  I have changed the furniture and the art a bit since this picture was taken, but you get the idea…


Then, to my left is an old family desk.  During my childhood it sat in my sister’s room.  It’s a cute little desk and fits perfectly in the room, but it has definitely seen better days.



I decided to improve my view since I so often sit in this room.  Yesterday I dragged the desk out back and covered it in two cans of glossy white spray paint.  I made a trip to the hardware store and bought some new drawer pulls.  I traded out the old, deteriorating chair for another old, but awesome and sturdy chair I purchased awhile back at a thrift store for about $30.  And ta da!  For under $40, a whole new desk!



What are some simple changes you have made around the house that make a big impact?



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