semi homemade pancakes


I love delicious homemade pancakes.  My kids love them even more than I {or maybe they just love making them!}.  I especially love Ree Drummond’s sour cream pancakes.  Sometimes, though, I just want to get breakfast on the table as quickly as possible…. SO I have the “just add water” kind of pancake mix on hand as well.

This morning Andrew “slept in” all the way until 6:10am.  The first thing he said to me as I stumbled into his room?  “Make pancakes mommy.”  Off to the kitchen we went.  As tired as I was, there were no sour cream pancakes in our future.  I do love letting my kids help me cook, however, and I did want something a little tastier than the plain old “just add water” variety.  Enter: semi homemade pancakes.

All I do?

I start with the boxed mix {I did two cups of mix}…

add water to the specifications on the back {one cup of water}…

and then add one tablespoon of melted butter…

one tablespoon of sugar…

and one tablespoon of vanilla.



 That’s it!  Although they aren’t quite the same as those sour cream pancakes I love, they taste a bit more homemade.  What are your favorite pancake recipes and ingredients?



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