summer nights + “homemade” pizza

I hope you all had a nice weekend!  We enjoyed getting some landscaping projects done at the new house {more on  t h a t  later}, good meals, and lots of fun family time.

I love summer.  I love BBQs and swimming and sunshine, sure, but I really love that I get to stay home with my four kids.  Being a teacher is exhausting, but it sure has its perks!  During the summer I love that I have time to get fun DIY projects done around the house.  I love getting everything organized from the kids’ sock drawers, to my own closet, to the pantry, to my files.  I love that I have time to bake and cook and make homemade meals!

We have a fun Friday night tradition each summer.  The whole family heads to my parents’ house.  We swim, we lounge, we make yummy dinners, and we eat s’mores.

Andrew {my two year old} now anticipates this all day long…

Andrew   Go swimming mommy?

Jenny     After your nap baby.

Andrew     Go swimming after nap mommy?

Jenny     Yes, Andrew after your nap we will go swimming.

Andrew     Go swimming with papa?

…and on it goes until…


…king of the pool I tell you!

One of our Friday night dinner favorites is pizza.  I love homemade dough, but did you know that Trader Joe’s sells the next best thing?  They sell plain, whole wheat, and seasoned pizza doughs in little bags in their refrigerated section.  Check it out!  It’s super easy and tastes like homemade!  I make two pizzas out of each bag of dough and can feed a lot of people for a very reasonable price.  With all the different preferences it is fun to create personalized pizzas.  Olives for Caitlyn and Andrew.  Plain cheese for Sam.  BBQ chicken with red onions and Trader Joe’s Sriracha BBQ sauce {haven’t tried it yet?  you must!}.  Hawaiian.  Tomato and basil.  Mushroom and sausage.  I get the kids involved with sprinkling on the toppings, then we enjoy the delicious pizza out on the patio with a big green salad and of course end the meal with yummy and oh so messy s’mores {I may have had three of them this past Friday!}.



What are some of your favorite summer traditions?  I’d love to hear from you!



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