7 months {jacob}

Age: 7 months on June 18, 2015

Weight:  20 pounds {78th percentile}     Height:  28.5 inches {92nd percentile}


Sleeps: On a typical night, Jacob goes to sleep between 6:30 and 7:00 pm.  He wakes up around 2:30 to nurse, then sleeps until between 6:00 and 7:00 am.  Some nights Jacob will wake up around 9:30 pm and some nights around 4:00 am, but he’s usually a once a night guy.

Naps: Jacob likes an hour to two hour nap in the morning around 9:00 or 10:00 am and then a two hour plus nap each afternoon around noon.  He doesn’t nap quite as long as he used to, but I guess he is getting older!

Eats: We added solids during his sixth month.  Jacob nurses just as frequently as before, but also eats solids at breakfast, lunch, and dinner time.  Right at six months, I first tried rice cereal like I did with my other three, but Jacob wasn’t having it!  I took a couple of weeks off and then started him with homemade yam puree and…success!  He loved them.  Since then we have added bananas and peas and will sometimes mix the bananas with cereal for breakfast.  I have apples and squash and zucchini up next.  I am also combining homemade purees and baby led weaning {BLW} this time around.  He seems to like it!

Diapers: Size 4

Clothes: 12 – 18 months

Loves: rolling and scooting ALL over, playing with toys, snuggling, being worn in the Baby Bjorn or Moby, his pacifier, his playmat, his saucer, his sisters and brother {they make him smile!}, being outside, eating, chewing on his spoon, Sofie le Giraffe

Does NOT like: being tired {it’s the only time he cries!}

New this month: both bottom front teeth broke through at about six and a half months, Jacob does a combination of rolling and scooching like an inchworm to make his way across the room to reach a toy he wants, Jacob is ALMOST ready to sit up unassisted

Best moment{s}: starting summer break and getting to spend all day everyday with this little guy

Most difficult moment{s}: a couple of sleepless nights {due to teething}

Looking forward to: summer with my kids: pool time, walks, s’mores, the 4th of July…


I usually link back to Andrew’s monthly updates for a fun comparison, but I guess I never wrote a seven month update for him!  I really can’t believe Jacob is already seven months old…that’s just over 30 weeks!  It’s crazy how time flies.  I hope you all have a happy Thursday!



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