5 months {jacob}

Age: 5 months on April 18, 2015

Weight: 18 pounds {78th percentile}     Height: 27.5 inches {97th percentile}


Sleeps: Jacob’s night sleeping has settled down a little bit, but we still haven’t returned to the fabulous sleep he was doing before I returned to work at the end of my maternity leave.  Those countries that give mamas long maternity leaves are really onto something!  Jacob goes down for the night very easily.  He nurses and then I lie him down in his bassinet {up to this point still sleeping swaddled on his back in his bassinet in our room now with the Mimos pillow for help the flat spot he developed on the back right side of his head, but will transition out of both swaddle and pillow this month since rolling over is beginning} sometimes awake, sometimes asleep usually between 7:45 and 8:00pm.  For the past few weeks he has been waking around 11:00pm and 2:00am and then some nights again around 4:00am or 6:00am to nurse.  Thankfully he nurses quickly and is back in bed asleep within fifteen minutes.  When I am home, he then sleeps in until 8:30am or 9:30am.  When I am working, Eric has to get him up around 7:00am.

Naps: Jacob is a fabulous napper {for me}.  At daycare he usually naps for only 30 minutes twice a day {except yesterday he did a big two hour nap!!}, but at home he does an hour morning nap and a two to four hour afternoon nap.  When I am home with him, the first nap usually starts around 10:00am and the second around 1:00pm.  When I am working, he takes a couple of 30-45 minute naps at daycare and then a long two to four hour nap right when we get home.  At home he has started to nap on his tummy since he can roll over now and to try to get rid of the flat spot that had developed on his head by 4 months {it has gotten measurably better since then!}

Eats: on demand, breast milk only.  While at day care from 8am-3:30pm he takes three 4oz. bottles of expressed milk.  Jacob is an efficient nurser and now goes closer to three hours between feedings during the day, and tends to cluster feed before bedtime.

Diapers: Size 3

Clothes: 12 month footsie pajamas and 9-12 month clothes for everything else.

Loves: snuggling, being worn in the Baby Bjorn or Moby, his pacifier, looking at himself in the mirror, his playmat, his saucer, his sisters and brother {they make him smile!}, smiling at Mommy, being outside, playing with toys, trying to roll over, chewing on his hands

Does NOT like: sleeping at daycare apparently

New this month: great core strength {I can carry him around on my hip easily}, he found his feet, loves grabbing for toys and playing with them, moves all around on his playmat on his back, almost rolls over back to front {makes it about halfway}, rolled over front to back, makes the razzing sound, got rid of cradle cap using olive oil {it really works!  Rub on oil, let it sit a few minutes, comb out flakes, wash with regular baby shampoo.  After two treatments, cradle cap hasn’t returned.}

Best moment{s}: huge smiles, watching him play with toys, watching him roll over for the first time, cuddles during Easter break

Most difficult moment{s}: Leaving Jacob to go to work each day.  I returned to work and got very sick {cold, pink eye, sinus infection, mastitis, strep throat, and then another cold} in the first three and a half weeks and I find it frustrating that I catch these things from my students and bring them home to my own kids and baby.  No matter how much hand washing I do, there’s no saving me from the students who sneeze and cough directly in my face. 😦

Looking forward to: more belly laughs, more rolling over, and SUMMER BREAK!

blog 5 month crib shot

And just for fun I looked back at Andrew’s 5 month update to compare.



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