20 things i did in my 20s {houses}


For the first half of my twenties, we rented an adorable little house in Altadena, a great little city north of Pasadena nestled in the foothills.  We were walking distance from a big canyon with hiking trails and from our favorite ice cream shop.  We had a huge backyard filled with over ten fruit trees and lots of beautiful rose bushes.  There were a beautiful fireplace and mantel, original hardwood floors, and lots of character, but by the time Caitlyn turned one, we knew we were outgrowing the cute little house.  With no closet space, only two bedrooms, and one very outdated bathroom, we decided it was time to take the plunge into homeownership and said goodbye to our first real home.



{one month before move-in…almost ready!}

We closed escrow on our first home in December of 2011.  We got to supervise the build of this home from the ground up.  It was an exhausting but fun and exciting process.  We bought a three story townhome in a large master plan community about fifteen minutes {without traffic} outside Pasadena.  Since I was still working in private school and was only making about half of what I made when I worked in public school, money was extremely tight and the the extra property taxes {Mello Roos} and the high HOA fees made us feel like we were suffocating and unable to enjoy life.  Just two years after we purchased our home, we put it back on the market.  We eventually sold and made a nice amount of money on the home.

Almost a year later we purchased our current home and have been in it for about five months now.  We are about another fifteen minutes {again, without traffic} past our townhome, but we have one story again {yay!} and another nice big backyard.  There is still A LOT of work that needs to be done inside and out, but we’re tackling one small project at a time.  I personally can’t wait to get some nice grass put in so the kids have a nice area to run around.  We have no more Mello Roos to pay and no more HOA.  We are currently struggling with an hour plus commute each way, but love our community and our home.  Who knows, maybe this will be our little “forever” home.



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