20 things i did in my 20s {teaching}

After I graduated from USC in May, I was fortunate enough to have connections from my months of student teaching and right after returning home from my honeymoon in August, was offered a kindergarten teaching position at a public school in nearby Sierra Madre.  I was teaching the grade I always hoped to teach in a school only five minutes from my house.  Not only that, but the parents and other teachers at the school were wonderful.  I made good friends amongst my fellow teachers and felt welcomed instantly.  I finished my graduate degree in my second year of teaching and earned tenure as well as welcomed my second baby during my third.  Unfortunately, due to statewide budget cuts in education, my school district also decided to cut over 140 jobs that year.  Even though I had tenure, even though I had wonderful reviews, I lost my job receiving my “pink slip” just twelve days before Caitlyn was born in 2010.

{pictures from my second year of teaching open house}





From that job I went on as one of the founding Pre-K teachers in a nearby school district.  I worked part time during 2010-2011, which although a struggle financially, was a huge blessing because I only had to be away from Caitlyn about four hours a day and I was off in time to pick Samantha up from school.  After moving into our town home however, the commute became too much and the money too tight so I began the search for another new job.


{my final open house in my pre-k classroom}

I was beyond blessed to find my current position in a wonderful Catholic school just minutes from the first school I taught in years before.  I love the community I have found myself in.  I am truly blessed.  I now teach transitional kindergarten and although I am only making about half of what I made when I started teaching eight years ago {seriously crazy & really sad actually!}, I feel like God has me here for a reason.  I am thankful to have a job in a time when so many people do not and I am thankful I get to come to work each day with such wonderful people.  Children are God’s greatest gift to us and it is such a blessing to spend time with these miracles each day.


{ready for my first day of school in my TK classroom}


{hallway bulletin board for open house for my TK classroom}


{TK open house 2014}


{TK open house 2014}



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