20 things i did in my 20s {grad school}

Before I even completed my undergraduate degree, I began looking into grad school.  I knew I could make a lot more money to provide for my family with an advanced degree, but I also {crazily enough} kind of enjoyed school.  Also, I knew that if I just kept going, I was more likely to get my masters degree than if I took a break from school.  I chose a local Christian school, Azusa Pacific University.  I liked that they were Christ-based, and I also was drawn to their graduate programs geared toward working professionals.  I knew I needed a program that would be respectful of my time as a teacher {and as a mother}, even though it’s title was crazy long and complicated sounding {curriculum and instruction in multicultural contexts}.

I dove into my program the fall after graduating from USC, a little over a month after I got married, and the same week I began my first year teaching.  CALL ME CRAZY.  Looking back, I don’t know how I did it.  I took one class on campus and one class online each semester.  I woke up early before Samantha and Eric and did homework and reading.  I drove straight from work to APU each Wednesday and didn’t get home until almost 10:00pm.  I just kept going.  I actually LOVED my classes and teachers and met some amazing women going through the program with me.  I finished my 18-25 month program and research paper in 15 quick months.  It was time to be done with being a student for a while, to pass on all that I learned to my own little students in the classroom, and to start thinking about growing my own family some more!



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