20 things i did in my 20s {USC}

From the time I can remember, I wanted to go to USC.  My parents both went there.  Aunts and uncles went there.  Saturdays in the fall every year were spent at the Coliseum cheering on the Trojans, tailgating, and listening to the Spirit of Troy blast the fight song into the fall air.  The colors Cardinal and Gold were in my blood.  I’ll never forget the spring day during my senior year of high school that I went out to get the mail.  In the mailbox there was a giant folder from USC that on the front read, “YOU’RE IN!”  I’ll probably never get rid of that folder.  There was no doubt in my mind: I would attend the University of Southern California.

And I did.  I loved living on campus and in my sorority house my freshman year and sophomore years.  I attended every sporting event I could, joined a sorority, and had fun with friends attending concerts and going to the beach and shopping in Santa Monica.  I took full class loads knowing that my major required a lot of classes right from the beginning.  I even worked as a TA for one of the professors in the school of education.

Between my sophomore and junior years, life surprised me with a curveball in the form of my daughter Samantha.  Determined not to give up on my dream of graduating from USC, I enrolled in a full load of junior year classes and became a commuting student.  Life was hard.  I traded sorority invites for diaper changes and the carefree college student life for motherhood, but honestly, it was probably the best thing that ever happened to me.  I found myself in those years.  Alone in many ways since none of my friends were in the same stage of life as I, I actually found myself becoming more confident, more sure of who I was and what I wanted, and discovered what and who really mattered to me.  My relationship with Christ blossomed during this time and I turned to HIM when there was no where else to go.

Despite all of the changes, falls were still filled with football games, springs were still packed with finals, and my senior year was crazy as I planned my own wedding and balanced life as a student, a student teacher, and a mom.  I made it though in just four years, and graduated on time, on Samantha’s second birthday, from the School of Education with both my bachelor degree and my teaching credential.  As if those four years hadn’t been crazy enough, I found myself applying to grad school before I had even walked across the stage with my diploma from USC…might as well keep on keeping on! 😉



Fight on!



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