20 things i did in my 20s {blog}

Circle Border Leaves - Ikari Party of 6 - 250pix

In 2012 I decided I wanted to start a blog.  On my “About Me” page, I describe why I chose to do this:

Ever since I was little I dreamed of creating art to share with other people…

…Maybe if I begged enough, my parents would turn the attic space above my room into an art studio…

…or maybe I could change my closet into a small space to draw…

I started drawing in elementary school with tracing paper and a pencil going over image after image of my favorite artists’ illustrations.  I really moved up in the world when I bought a simple marker set with about 12 colors and started drawing my own pictures.  After reading a book all about Mary Engelbreit {my absolute favorite artist and idol as a child, ok, let’s face it…even now!} my parents bought me a set of beautiful, wonderful, EXPENSIVE permanent markers “just like Mary’s.”  I was in heaven.  Now if only I had that attic art studio I always dreamed of…

I began sending out annual Christmas cards featuring my work.  Later, I began creating birthday, bridal and baby shower invitations, wedding programs and menus…but all for fun and all for friends.

Family, friends and acquaintances would tell me that I should “do something” with my art.

Sell it…send it to someone…bring it into a store…ANYTHING!

“Thank you” was always my flattered response.  Truthfully I wanted to, but didn’t know how to get started.

After a long time and A LOT of prayer, I started my own small business.  It was time for me to finally follow my dreams!  My dream continues to change and grow as my life takes many twists and turns.  Although this blog began with my art and shop as the centerpiece, I found that talking about motherhood and talking to other mommies was really what this space became all about.  You can continue to purchase my artwork in my jennymarie+CO Etsy shop {with many new pieces coming soon!}, and one day I hope to make selling my art a priority again.  Wouldn’t it be fun to make a living doing what you’ve always wanted to do, what you absolutely love?!

For now though, I thank each one of you, dear readers, from the bottom of my heart for stopping by my little blog.  My hope is that you can relate to my stories, successes, and struggles as a working mom and that they might bring a little happiness, a little something beautiful, and even a little inspiration into your lives.



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