caitlyn turns five!

Where does the time go?  I honestly feel like I was just sitting down to write about Caitlyn turning four and here we are, the day after her FIFTH birthday!  Caitlyn is helpful and easygoing.  She can play for hours and loves to draw and help mama.  She loves helping take care of her little brothers and doing everything that her big sister does.  When she is tired, she is A MESS and falls apart easily.  She is my cuddly, sweet girl and I just love her to pieces.


Sleeps: Sleep hasn’t changed much since Caitlyn turned four.  During the school week Caitlyn is still usually in bed between 7:00 and 7:30pm.  She would probably sleep longer, but since we have to drive an hour to school each day, we wake her up by 6:30 am.  She sleeps in a little on the weekends and gets up between 7:00 and 7:30 am.

Naps: Not since she turned three!  She does, however, love her daily rest time at Grandma and Grandpa’s house after preschool.

Eats: Here we have improved some.  When she turned four, I noticed that Caitlyn was getting pickier like Samantha.  She really is a very good eater now and will not hesitate {too much} to try new things.  She loves fruit {especially strawberries and bananas}, but does not like grapes or apples.  She still loves pickles and pasta, but has branched out a little and will eat meatloaf, fish, hamburgers, different casseroles, potatoes, and a good variety of green veggies, all which she would not eat a year ago.  She still loves her sweets, especially chocolate.  She likes to drink water or milk, and does not like juice.

Favorite food: Pasta

Clothes: size 5-6

Loves: books, Octonauts, Calico Critters, Frozen, going to the movies and eating popcorn, reading every night with Mommy {currently reading all of the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder}, any and all animals {especially penguins}, playing at the park, her big sister and her baby brothers, doing puzzles, drawing pictures, playing with play dough, riding her scooter, swimming, playing in the sandbox, looking through books, helping mama bake, and playing with friends at school and friends on our cul de sac at home.

As a 4-year-old: learned how to write her name correctly, figured out how to ride a two wheel bike, learned how to read some sight words and short books, visited Disneyland for the first time {and now asks weekly to go back!}, visited Sea World, and welcomed a second baby brother.

Favorite color: blue

Does NOT like: when Samantha is too busy with homework to play or when Samantha is playing with friends and not with her.

School: Caitlyn is in her third year of preschool.  This year she goes five days a week again, half day {then it’s off to grandma’s to eat lunch, rest, and help run errands 🙂 }.  She LOVES school and even comes home and does “homework” while Samantha works on hers.  We will be sad to say goodbye to this preschool as both girls attended.  Since we moved, however, both boys will most likely go to preschool much much closer to home.  I only hope we can find a school as wonderful as this one!

5-Year- Old Party: Poor Caitlyn again.  Last year she turned four in the middle of our move out of our townhome.  This year she turned five right after I returned to work after being on maternity leave for four months.  I am so overwhelmed and busy and spend over two hours a day in the car commuting, that we just haven’t gotten a birthday party together yet.  Her hope is for a mermaid party with her little friends from school, so I AM going to find a way and some time to do this for her!



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