4 months {jacob}

Age: 4 months on March 18, 2015

Weight: 16 pounds 9 ounces    Height: 26 inches

look here horse…




Sleeps: Until I returned to work a week and a half ago, Jacob was a fantastic sleeper.  He did about 7:30pm – 3:00am then 3:00am-6:00am, then 6:00am-8:30/9:00am.  Since last Tuesday, he has been waking up a minimum of three times between 11:00pm and 4:00am with wakings every single hour on multiple nights.  We have one tired baby and one tired mama in this house!

Naps: Prior to my return to work, we had a great schedule going.  Jacob took an hour + nap each morning around 10am, napped in the car on my errand runs, napped between two and four hours every afternoon starting between noon and 1:00pm, and took a last catnap around dinner time each night.  Now, I am lucky to see that he too three 30-45 minute naps while at daycare.  The past couple of days I have started putting him down right when I get home, and he’s been doing a couple of hours for me.  That nap means, however, that I only get to see him awake for about an hour each day.  That makes me really sad, but he seems happier in the evenings, so at least that’s good!

Eats: on demand, breast milk only.  While at day care from 8am-3:30pm he takes three 4oz. bottles of expressed milk.  Once I get home from work, I feel like all I do is feed him.  He wants his mama time!  It’s amazing to me how big babies can get living off of mama’s milk only!

Diapers: Size 2, but only because we have some left.  As soon as they are used up, we’re moving into 3s.

Clothes: 12 month footsie pajamas and 9 month clothes for everything else.

Loves: snuggling, being worn in the Baby Bjorn or Moby, his pacifier, looking at himself in the mirror, tummy time, his playmat, his sisters {they make him smile!}, smiling at Mommy, being outside

Does NOT like: The fact that mama is working.  Proof: his lovely new sleep schedule.

New this month: more core strength {getting closer and closer to sitting up}, waking up all night long, greater interest in toys, chews and sucks on hands A LOT, lots of drool

Best moment{s}: laughs and smiles and coos and cuddles

Most difficult moment{s}: Returning to work and leaving Jacob at daycare each day, plus the sleepless nights that have followed.  It’s rough right now, but we’re taking it day by day and making it through.

Looking forward to: Jacob finding his feet {that’s always so cute!}, sleeping again, and Easter break in two weeks {11 days off with my kiddos!}




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