easy, at home, margarita

I enjoy a good margarita out at a Mexican restaurant or at home in the backyard relaxing in the shade on a hot summer’s day.  While much of the country has been buried in snow and ice, we in Southern California have been experiencing some seriously HOT weather!  90s in March.  Crazy.  Anyway, the warm weather reminds me of summer and my favorite beverage!  People all like their margaritas different ways, and while my absolute favorite margarita is the mango margarita at Jalapeno Inferno in Scottsdale, Arizona, one of my at home favorites is an on the rocks margarita we make from Kirkland brand mix and tequila…


Costco {Kirkland brand} Margarita Mix

Costco {Kirkland brand} tequila

Half an orange, sliced

Half a lime, sliced


Salt or sugar for the rim of the glass

All I do is pour mix and tequila to taste over ice, squeeze in the fresh orange and lime juice and shake it up.  I like my drink served in a chilled glass with a salted or sugared rim {depending on my mood} with the orange and lime slices tossed right in.

What’s your favorite fun drink?



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