a car themed birthday party {andrew’s second birthday}

When Andrew turned one our town home was on the market so we opted to forgo our normal huge first birthday celebration for a smaller, family only party.  I ended up very thankful that we didn’t do a large first birthday because Andrew was still recovering from a bad case of bronchitis and probably would have been totally overwhelmed by a huge party.  We had instead a small, but fun balloon-themed party to celebrate our big one-year-old.

This year, however, since we are fairly settled into our new home, we decided to throw that large birthday party for our sweet guy.  Like last year, I began by pinning some cute inspiration and quickly got excited about a fun car themed party for our car-loving almost two-year-old.

I drew and created the invitations based on this cute inspiration.


My brother lent us some great license plates, hubcaps, tin signs, and die cast cars for decoration.


I created simple and fun table runners that looked like roads based on this adorable inspiration.


With my husband’s help, we created a car photo booth for the day based on this idea.




I drew up a chalkboard with all of Andrew’s second year stats and favorites.






I gathered all the party supplies such as lanterns, straws, napkins, plates, etc. that I have stashed away from previous parties and only ended up having to buy a few things to fill in the gaps.  I’m all about a party on a budget!  I make what I can, re-use a lot, borrow from family, and buy as little as possible.


I created some fun banners to hang.




This year we decided to rent a bounce house to keep the kids out of our new house and outside having fun.  Best $100 I ever spent!  Between the bounce house, the photo booth, and all of Andrew’s fun outdoor cars, the kids were entertained for hours.  Throughout the party {and even into this morning}, Andrew kept coming up to me saying, “mama bounce” with a little jump.  When I asked if he wanted to go in the bounce house, however, he would quickly say, “noooooo.”  Just not a fan.

My mom had the great idea for a hot dog bar for dinner, and although I don’t love hot dogs myself, the meal seemed to be a big hit!  We had lots of green salad, an awesome fruit platter, chili, baked beans, and chips to go along.

I baked two cakes this year, chocolate and funfetti, and decorated one like this awesome cake.




For an entire afternoon, our backyard was packed with family and friends who came to celebrate Andrew.  As loud and energetic as Andrew is with just us around, he is quiet and shy when surrounded by lots of people.  He spent most of his party sitting at his Little Tykes table letting people come to him.  He seemed happy though, and was definitely very loved by everyone there.  I feel beyond blessed to be this little guy’s mama and am so thankful for his health, his happiness, and for all of the people who showed him how much they love him.


Happy second birthday to my Andrew Robert!



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