friday randoms

::Usually I am BEYOND thrilled to see Friday.  Since I am in the last month of my maternity leave, however, I just want time to slow down!!  Fridays don’t need to come quite so quickly right now.

::I have way too much fun planning my kids’ birthday parties.  I probably go overboard, but I love running with whatever theme they pick, making decorations, planning menus, etc.  Today we did a fun little photo shoot for Andrew’s upcoming 2nd birthday party.  Caitlyn was my prop assistant.  Take a peek…



{{shirt::carpe viam}}


Lots more car madness to come.  T-8 days until party day!

::If I could hire someone to come and do one chore for me for the rest of my life, it would be laundry.  I say this as I stare at my fifth and sixth loads of laundry of the day sitting across the room from me just waiting to be folded and put away.

::Today I am linking up with these ladies…

The TGIF Blog & Instagram Hop


…you should stop on by!!!

::My brother picked up an awesome old window while helping clean out a friend’s garage.  It now has a new home hanging above the hutch in our entry way.  Check out my updated house tour to take a look!  You can also see that I added some of the kids’ original artwork over the desk in Jacob’s room/guest room.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Valentine’s day weekend!



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