a day in photos

Last week I decided to pick one random day to document through photographs.  I tried to take a picture or two each hour to show what I did all day.  This particular day actually started with a 5:15am wake-up call from Jacob, who was ready to nurse {he has since dropped this feeding…yay!}.  The girls and Andrew were up and out of the house, off to school with their dad by 6:30 {fabulous guy does the three drop offs for me since we moved and are now an hour away from school when traffic is bad}.  Jacob went right back to sleep so I got to work…


Big kids’ laundry day.



A little relaxation with a cup of tea after breakfast.  Or at least that was the thought.  I got in a sip here and there between chores.


Some of the above said chores…folding the big kids’ laundry.



Jacob wakes up and does his morning stretches on my bed.


While Jacob is waking up, I straighten up the girls’ room {yes, they have to do this themselves, but at 4 and 9 years old, their cleaning and straightening leave something to be desired.  My type A personality and I just have to lend a helping hand.



After feeding Jacob and making the rest of the beds in the house {Andrew’s and my own}, there is time for a little fun and I cut paper for little garlands for an upcoming Valentine tea my girls and I are hosting.



Tummy time!  It’s amazing how much stronger he has gotten in the week since this picture was taken!



Jacob and I pick Caitlyn up from preschool at 11:45.



Lunch time!  Couldn’t help but add some hot Cheetos in there {not exactly part of my eat healthy plan, but oh well!}.



Caitlyn, Jacob, and I take a little trip to a local thrift store where my mom volunteers and Caitlyn picks out a little treat.



We pick up Samantha from school and she spends some time relaxing with Jacob at Grandma and Grandpa’s before starting on her homework.


Caitlyn also has homework to do this week…creating a collage of opposites.



We pick Andrew up from school {he still goes two days a week while I am on maternity leave and LOVES it}.



Home at last!  The middles play while Jacob hangs out while Samantha does homework while I make dinner.



Dinner tonight was fish tacos with homemade Spanish rice and breaded cod filet, black beans, and cabbage from Trader Joe’s.



Bath time!  Samantha is learning how to wash hair and even get Andrew diapered and dressed after bath time.  Look for a great babysitter in a few years!



Pajama dance party just before bed to get those last minute wiggles out!  Then it’s off to read stories and lights out!



Kids are all in bed and I get to watch one of my guilty pleasure Hallmark Channel movies since Eric is at a meeting tonight.


That’s it!

I think I was asleep by 10:00pm.  Honestly, I’m a little {okay, A LOT} overwhelmed thinking about returning to work in 6 weeks and doing all of this, plus an 8 hour work day.  How did I ever do it before?!  I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it!

What is your typical day like?  How do you fit it all in?



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