what I am loving {baby edition}

After having Andrew, I compiled four lists of my favorite baby items…

{{for the nursery}}

{{for baby}}

{{for feeding time}}

{{for when you’re on the go}}

I really don’t think I will ever get tired of baby things.  I love baby clothes, nursery decorations, baby toys & rattles, all the delicious smelling lotions and shampoos…

Four kids and ten years later, I’ve had quite some time to figure out what I like, what I don’t, and what it is exactly that works best for baby and me.  Everyone has to find the products that work best for themselves and their own baby, but here are the tried and true items I have loved all along and am still loving right now with baby number four:

{Boppy}: Loved it with baby number one in 2005, and still love it with baby number four in 2015.  It hasn’t changed, and it works!  It’s a great nursing pillow, and comfy place for baby to rest, and even a great pillow for an almost ten-year-old kid {yes, every night to this day Samantha sleeps with the Boppy she used as a baby.  I had to purchase a second Boppy when Caitlyn was born because Samantha just wasn’t giving hers up!}.IMG_8679a

{Jacob loves hanging out in his Boppy}

{Soothie Pacifier}: THIS specific one.  I don’t know if they weren’t around when the girls were born, or what, but the hospital gave these out when both of our boys were born, and I purchased more at {where else?} Target.  I know some people are totally against pacifiers, but three of my four kids LOVED them.  Hey, anything that will buy me another hour or more of sleep is okay in my book!

{Jellycat Stuffed Animals}:  My favorite stuffed animals in the entire world.  They are so cute.  So soft.  AND many of them have books that go along.  Win!  Not only are these guys super soft and cute, I even take the monthly baby photos of my kids next to a Jellycat stuffed animal.  Maybe these aren’t so much for baby, but more for mama instead!

jacob and jellycat

{Jacob and his Jellycat elephant}

{Skip Hop Diaper Bag}: This is my favorite diaper bag, and mind you, I’ve had four of them!  I’ve had everything from the most expensive Petunia Picklebottm diaper bag, to a cute and affordable bag from Target, to a large bag that was more like a purse…and this Skip Hop bag comes out on top as my favorite in every way.  It’s not too big, yet it’s big enough to hold EVERYTHING.  It’s made out of a fabric that everything wipes off of.  It has a completely separate compartment that acts as my own purse.  It was way on sale at a Nordstrom sale early last year.  It doesn’t scream: I AM A DIAPER BAG!  It’s not so feminine looking that my husband can’t carry it around.  Love it.

{Lanolin}: I used it religiously at the beginning this time, and even before hand in the month leading up to Jacob’s birth, and had the most comfortable start to breastfeeding!  There was still the initial soreness, but nothing like it was with my other babies.  I think Lanolin is a must for any new nursing mamas!

{My BOB Stroller}: Where were these when Samantha was born?!  Luckily I found this amazing stroller before Andrew was born and have now used it for two kids.  I think I love it so much because it is comfortable for someone as tall as me {5’11”} to push!  Almost all other strollers make me feel like I am hunching over.

What are the baby products that you love?



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