a little bit of crazy

This morning Andrew is up at 5:15 and Jacob is ready for his morning feeding at 5:30 and we have to get the girls up by 5:30 so they are ready to leave for school by 6:30.  It’s breakfast and getting dressed and brushing teeth and doing hair and it’s “where is my sweater?” and “get your backpack!” and “we have to go NOW!”  Andrew wants eggs when Sam needs her hair done when Caitlyn can’t find her shoes.  Jacob needs to be fed as Andrew wants to get down from the table as the girls are rushing out the door with their dad {how it is that they’re always rushing when they get up at 5:30, I’ll never know}.

By the time Jacob is waking up at 8am, Andrew has eaten breakfast, played with his Thomas train set, emptied his tool box AND his legos, pulled out every book in the basket in his room, pulled out the vacuum {yes, he likes to vacuum…for real}, “swept” the kitchen floor {yes, he likes to sweep too}, rearranged all of my color sorted piles of laundry, brushed his teeth and his hair…both with his toothbrush, and watched one episode of Elmo’s World.

andrew trains a

andrew trains 2a

andrew trains 3a

By 9am he has also played with play dough, played in the sandbox, swept the patio {are you noticing that he likes to clean?}, driven his car around, emptied my entire bag of neatly folded and organized items to take to the thrift store, eaten a snack, dumped his entire water bottle out and splashed it ALL over, and colored about five pictures.

In the midst of it all, he also comes out of his room, finds me in the kitchen, and says “miss you mama.”

He also runs to Jacob when he is crying and gently gives him his pacifier.  “Jacob.  Flower,” Andrew says, since of course, he calls the pacifier a flower.  Right?  Who doesn’t.

He also answers in the most polite voice possible, “no thank you mama” when I ask if he wants more pretzels for his snack.

So although at 9am I am officially ready to go back to bed, I am also so in love with my busy, busy life and my even busier little boy and am cherishing every crazy moment at home.  All too soon I will be back at work and will be crying on my drive in since I miss these moments so much.  For now though, I better get some “rest” {see loading the dish washer, putting more laundry in, etc.} while both boys nap because then we’re in for the afternoon crazies.  And believe me, if you think the morning is nuts, you should see the afternoon!

Hope you love your little crazies as much as I do!  Happy Wednesday!




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