23 months {andrew}





Age: 23 months on January 20, 2015

Sleeps: Pretty well again!  Jacob is nine weeks old today, so this has been a long stretch!  Andrew is going down to bed without crying most nights now and sleeps from about 7:15pm until 7:00am {sometimes later}.  I think it’s been about a week since we have had to go in his room in the middle of the night, so we’re getting back to normal hopefully!

Naps: Naps are also thankfully just about back to normal.  Andrew naps for two to three hours every afternoon from about 12:30 on.

Eats: Pretty well, although like I noticed last month, he is a bit pickier now.  Right now Andrew is loving scrambled eggs, toast, and a banana for breakfast; cheese and honey wheat pretzels from Trader Joe’s for a snack; fruit and chicken or quesadilla or pasta for lunch; and he eats whatever we are eating for dinner.  Stew was a pretty big hit, as was pasta with turkey meatballs.  Andrew doesn’t love veggies, but he gets them every dinner at least.  He always asks for salad, which I think is great {especially since the girls won’t go near it!}.  Andrew is still drinking whole milk, and we’ll switch to nonfat when he turns two like we did with the girls.  He loves his milk and loves carrying around a water bottle of water all day too.

Diapers: size 6

Clothes: 2T clothes and 3T pajamas.  The 2T shirts are getting a little small though, so I believe summer clothes will all be 3T.

Loves: His Thomas wooden train set that he got for Christmas.  His new tool set {and “fixing” everything in sight}.  Caitlyn’s zoo and farm animals.  His sisters and his baby brother.  Cuddling with mama. Running to say hi to Daddy when he gets home from work.  Playing outside.  Riding around in his car.  Sweeping.  Cleaning.  Helping mama and daddy.  Reading books.  Cars.  Sharks.  Trucks.  Throwing balls.  Elmo.  Animals.  Dancing to music.  Counting {he loves counting to ten!}.  Grandma and Papa.

Does NOT like: Feeling left out or when he isn’t getting as much attention.

New this month: More and more vocabulary.  Andrew will often talk to me for the entire hour commute home!  He also got some nice big scrapes on his face {you can see them in the pictures} from falling in the backyard.  They looked pretty bad, but they hardly phased him!

Looking forward to: Andrew’s second birthday and party.  I can’t believe he will be two in one month!!!



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