2 months {jacob}

Age: 2 months on January 18, 2015

Weight {at 8 weeks}: 12 pounds 14 ounces {93rd percentile}     Height {at 8 weeks}: 23 inches {76th percentile}


Sleeps: With a big 6 hour stretch to start {about 8:00pm until 2:00am} and then in smaller 3 hour stretches until 5:00am and then again until around 7:00/8:00am.  Jacob is my best sleeper of all four kids at this age.  Yay!

Naps: Jacob takes catnaps in the morning and one really long nap each afternoon {two to three hours}.  He’s a sweetheart and takes his nap right when Andrew naps!  This mama is grateful.  I either rest or get A LOT done! 🙂

Eats: on demand, breast milk only.  During the day he still nurses about every two to three hours.  At night he puts together six hour stretches.  I’ve gone out a few times this month without him and he did well taking a bottle of expressed milk.  Around the seven week mark I started pumping after our 10:00 feeding each morning and hope to start building up a decent supply of milk {something I failed to do when Caitlyn and Andrew were babies.  I was always worried we would run out of milk, although we never did}.  So far I think I have 24 ounces frozen.

Diapers: Size 2, although we still have some more size 1 diapers we are trying to use up!

Clothes: 6 month footsie pajamas and 3 month clothes for everything else, although many of them are getting a little snug now.

Loves: snuggling, being worn in the Baby Bjorn or Moby, his pacifier

Does NOT like: being cold {i.e. during outfit changes  or right when he gets out of the bath}

New this month: smiles, poops once or twice a day or every other day instead of every time I feed him {yay!}, doesn’t look like a newborn any longer, turns to look when he hears a voice, follows a face or object with his eyes, focuses on faces, jaundice is GONE!

Best moment{s}: Cuddling before bedtime each night, smiles

Most difficult moment{s}: Not too much has been difficult about Jacob.  He is a sweet, happy, and easygoing baby.

Looking forward to: Those first belly laughs!




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