what I am loving right now

I think it’s fun to look back at different parts of my life, to see the trends then, what was popular, what I was doing, and what I enjoyed.

With that being said, here are some things I am loving right now…

{Fixer Upper}: I just LOVE this HGTV show.  Anyone else want to move to Waco with me just so that Joanna Gaines {@joannagaines} can remodel & decorate your entire house for you?  {side note: I could totally pay cash for an entire house there with just the 20% I put down on my house here in California!}


{fixer upper}

{Parenthood}: I realize that I’m about six years late to this bandwagon, but I was looking for a TV show on Netflix that I could watch during those late night feedings with Jacob and came across this gem.  I love this show and raced through it just like I did when I discovered Gilmore Girls and Orange is the New Black.  I even caught up in time to watch the last few episodes on NBC.

{Zebra Popcorn}: Caramel corn drizzled with white and milk chocolate.  Say nothing more.  I’m hooked.  This snack unfortunately doesn’t go along with the healthy eating habits I am working on to lose this baby weight!

{My new Windows Surface tablet}: it’s like an iPad and a laptop PC all in one and I’m loving it.  It feels just like using my old Dell, but with a touch screen.  No, I’ve never been a Mac person.  I like to go with the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” when it comes to computers!

{The Bachelor}: I’ve been obsessed with this show since it began.  I never miss!  This season some of the women seem EXTRA crazy…agree?

{She Reads Truth}:  How do I describe this?  It’s an app, you can follow on Instagram {@shereadstruth}, you can subscribe to the blog, you can buy the study packs…it’s an on-line community of women all studying the Bible one chapter at a time.  It’s FABULOUS!  This year they even launched a free portion of the app that walks you through reading the entire Bible in just one year.  With four kids {one of them a newborn}, I don’t have a ton of time to read, but I do make sure to read this everyday!

bible in a year

{she reads truth}

{Follow Friday on Instagram}:  Women/bloggers/shop owners post a group of four photos from other women’s Instagram feeds with a link to their username.  I’ve found so many other great blogging mothers and small shop owners to follow and connect with!  It gives me hope for growing interest in my own little shop once I get it up and running again!

{Smith & Hawken Basket Wall Organizers}: I saved up for this and waited for it to go on sale at Target, then immediately swooped in and bought two.  One basket each for all the paperwork I am constantly getting for each of my four kids.  I am going to stay completely organized this year, even with four kids!


{wall organizer @ target}

{Pinterest}:  Still love it.  Doesn’t get old.  I am currently loving pinning ideas for Andrew’s vintage-y 2nd car birthday party.

{Aden + Anais Bamboo Swaddlers}:  These are SO much softer than the normal swaddlers {although I adore those too!} AND I use them for eve.ry.thing.  Burp rag?  Check!  Nursing cover?  Check!  Cute backdrop for baby photos?  Check!

So that’s it {or at least SOME of it!}.  Writing about the swaddlers made me realize that I could completely do an entire post on what I’m loving right now “baby edition.”  Maybe next week!  Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend friends!







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