a week without daddy

Oh.  my.  goodness.  Life has been a complete whirlwind since Christmas.  Who am I kidding?  It’s been a whirlwind since we moved in October.  I was prepared for all kinds of chaos when my husband left for five days on a work related trip.  Andrew hadn’t been sleeping well {screaming each night and nap time}, we have a newborn in the house, the girls are on Christmas break.  I was going to be the only adult in the house for five whole days.  When was I going to shower?  How was I going to clean up our giant Christmas mess with a busy toddler, a tiny newborn, and two girls who want to open and use every Christmas gift they got RIGHT.  NOW.?  My goal for those five days?  Survive.

I am proud of myself.  Not only did we survive, but I managed to slow down that whirlwind a bit and start to feel a little more organized, a little more normal, and a little more put back together.  I did about ten loads of laundry.  Put away every single Christmas present and decoration in the entire house.  I took down the Christmas tree and with the girls’ help, put all the ornaments away organized by child.  We slept in until 7:00 every day {yes, even Andrew who made it all the way through each night without me having to go in and calm him down – a HUGE accomplishment as he really hasn’t made it through a night without mama or daddy intervening since Jacob was born!}.  I painted Caitlyn’s nails.  I cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen.  I vacuumed the entire house.  I had nightly story time with Andrew.  I made home cooked meals each night.  The girls got lots of playtime outside on their new scooters.  Andrew settled into a routine and napped well everyday.  I even ventured out and  took a trip to Trader Joe’s with all four kids.  We made it in and out with a HUGE cart full of food, without an argument, in under 30 minutes.  The nice checkout guy even called me “supermom.”  Want to know a secret?  I sure didn’t feel like it {he didn’t know that my shower didn’t happen until day four {ahh!}, the girls missed out on their nightly story time because I didn’t want Jacob to cry and wake Andrew up, we had to use the TV more than I would like to keep the peace while I was nursing Jacob eight times a day, and I was in my pajamas until lunch time because I was too busy to change}, but if “supermom” was the image I was putting out there, then great!  At least I looked calm and like I had it all together.

As happens each time Eric goes out of town, I have a new respect for single parents.  The hardest part?  It wasn’t all the organizing and cleaning.  It wasn’t bedtime like I thought it might be.  It wasn’t even caring for all four kids by myself.  Even with my four little ones in the house, I found it to be very lonely, especially at night, with no adult around to talk to.  Oh well…now it’s on to New Years.  Let’s keep this whirlwind going!




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