22 months {andrew}




Age: 22 months on December 20, 2014

Sleeps: Sleep hasn’t been great since Jacob was born.  Andrew still goes down around 7:00pm, but often cries {screams} for five to twenty minutes before quieting down and going to sleep.  Over the past week this has started to improve, and he is only crying maybe three nights a week now, but we’re not quite back to normal yet.  He also started waking up again in the middle of the night crying for “mama” and “dada.”  This also has lessened over the past week, but he’s still waking up a couple nights a week.  Andrew has been getting up early this month as well, around 5:30-6:30am.

Naps: Naps were affected by Jacob’s birth as well, but seem to have returned pretty much to normal now with Andrew taking one two to three hour nap starting around 12:30pm each day.

Eats: Most things, although I am noticing that he is getting a little pickier.  He still does a better job than the girls and likes most fruits and vegetables and even asks to share my salad some nights.  Andrew really loves snacks of cheese and crackers and mandarin oranges.  I have also noticed a sweet tooth appear this month as Andrew is a sneaky little cookie bandit.  Any cookie left close enough to the edge of the counter or table will be snatched up by Andrew immediately.  He even found Samantha’s party favor bag from a birthday party and secretly ate all of the Hershey kisses out of it!

Diapers: size 6

Clothes: 2T clothes and 2T/3T pajamas.

Loves: His sisters and his baby brother.  Sitting with mama. Playing outside.  Riding around in his car.  Sweeping.  Cleaning.  Helping mama and daddy.  Reading books.  Cars.  Sharks.  Trucks.  Throwing balls.  Elmo.  Animals.  Saying “NO!”  Music.  Counting {he loves counting to ten!}.

Does NOT like: When mama or daddy leave.  Being left out when his sisters play together.

New this month: Andrew discovered the word “no” and uses it frequently.  I learned quickly not to ask him yes/no questions!  Andrew is also stringing more and more words together to make phrases and ask questions.  I love seeing little kids’ language develop!  He can also count to ten with a little help.

Looking forward to: Christmas next week.



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