1 month {jacob}

Well, we made it through the first month!  As expected, the time has just flown by.  I really am trying to enjoy each moment, but it’s hard when life is so busy!  I treasure early evenings when Jacob nurses and falls asleep and I can just sit and relax and hold him as long as I want to.  I treasure the way Jacob’s siblings kiss his tiny head and are excited to see him when he gets up in the morning.  I treasure all the extra time I get with my three older kids because I am home more and not working.  I love that I get to be home during Christmastime.  I love just being a mommy.DSC_0314a



Age: one month on December 18, 2014

Weight & Height: Our doctor is letting us combine the one and two month check-ups, so we’ll find out Jacob’s official weight and height after the New Year


Sleeps: Well {especially for one of my kids, who tend not to be the greatest night sleepers until after they turn one!}.  One of the nicest things in these early weeks is that Jacob has already put himself on a schedule!  He nurses around 6:30pm, then again around 8:30pm.  After that feeding, he sleeps until 12:30/1:00am, nurses again, sleeps until 3:30/4:00am, nurses, then sleeps until around 6:30/7:30am. He’s had his days and nights figured out from day one, so I really love that!

Naps: By the forth week, Jacob is definitely awake more during the day and for longer stretches at a time.  He takes an obvious nap in the morning and again in the afternoon {2-3 hours each}.  Throughout the rest of the day he catnaps between periods of wakefulness.  I am thoroughly enjoying his calm and easy going personality and love staring into his big brown eyes now that he is awake more and I actually get to see them!

Eats: On demand.  Normally Jacob eats about every two to three hours, but there have been a few days in which he ate every hour.  He takes about twenty to thirty minutes to eat, sometime a little less.  I am exclusively nursing him and in the next week or so am planning on adding in some pumping sessions so that I can build up a milk supply and we can introduce him to a bottle for when I sadly have to return to work.

Diapers: Size 1

Clothes: 3 months.  It’s amazing that Jacob has gone up a clothing size already.  To me, he still looks as tiny as the day he was born!

Loves: sleeping, cuddling, swinging in his swing, being worn in the Baby Bjorn and Moby Wrap.

Does NOT like: being changed/cold

Best moment{s}: Baby snuggles.

Most difficult moment{s}: As silly as it sounds, the hardest moment this month was getting the kids in and out of the car when it was both rainy and windy.  I have actually had a couple of these experiences this first month, and it’s not fun!  I don’t know how people do it in places where it rains all the time.  I think I would just stay home!  Earlier in the month I also found myself worrying about Jacob starting to cry constantly like Caitlyn did as an infant.  Luckily, Jacob seems to be more like Samantha and Andrew as babies, and so far has been very calm and easygoing.

Looking forward to: that first smile!

At the ripe young age of one month, Jacob is making his acting debut tonight {ha!}.  Tonight he is acting as Baby Jesus in my school’s Christmas pageant.  He is the sweetest baby and never cries, but I am so worried that he is just going to fall apart during his brief little scene up on the Altar.  Pray for us!



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