how it’s going after baby: 28 days

Well, it’s been four weeks since Jacob was born.  Even though I’ve done this whole newborn thing before, I didn’t really know what to expect once we brought baby number 4 home.  I mean, I knew that it would take awhile before things felt truly normal again.  I knew that “normal” after baby would be different than “normal” before baby…and I knew to accept that that’s okay!

How it’s going: physically

This has probably been the easiest part of recovery for me this forth time around and I was expecting it to be more difficult.  You know, four kids, no time to rest, more difficult recovery after multiple births, etc. etc…  Well, ever since I first got up to walk around in the hospital after I had Jacob, I have felt great.  Honestly.  The bleeding was very minimal this time.  I had an episiotomy with each of my other three births, but did not this time.  I tore a tiny bit along my old episiotomy scar, but that hasn’t bothered me at all.  The pain from my uterus contracting back down to size was short lived and very mild.  My energy level has been as good as can be expected {it helps that Jacob is doing really well with the whole sleep thing!}.  I think staying very active during pregnancy helped with a quick recovery.  I am also not focused solely on losing weight which helps keep the pressure off.  I am working on eating healthy, staying active, drinking lots of water, and simply enjoying my baby.  As of two weeks postpartum, I had lost just over twenty pounds of the 34 pounds I put on during Jacob’s pregnancy.  I have stopped weighing myself since then, but will see how it’s going at my six week check-up in a couple of weeks.

How it’s going: mentally

This one has been trickier than the physical recovery for me in the past {after Caitlyn’s pregnancy}.  Overall this time, I am doing well.  I am happy, relaxed and calm, and am enjoying my tiny little guy.  I’ve had two rough evenings, when for some reason, after getting the kids to bed, I just sort of lost it emotionally.  I broke down and cried and cried for no apparent reason.  The first time, I had had a rough day with Andrew.  Poor kid.  Not only did we move within the last two months, we moved him from a crib to a twin bed, had a baby, switched him from five days a week at day care to two days a week, AND he is nearing the “terrible” two year old mark.  All things considered, he’s doing VERY well, but more on that in a minute.  The second rough night, I don’t know…must have been the hormones!

How it’s going: the kids

I am so impressed with the kids.  They have handled all the changes we threw at them in the past couple of months incredibly well.  Samantha and Caitlyn just love their little brothers and are helpful and sweet with them.  The girls love to play with Andrew {most of the time} and to give Jacob’s tiny head kisses.  Andrew loves fetching diapers for me and sitting next to me while I nurse Jacob.  He always points out Jacob’s nose and rubs his head saying “nice.”  Out of the three older kids, I think Andrew has had the hardest time with all of the change {most likely because of his age}.  The first couple of weeks were pretty rough since Andrew had the stomach flu, but since then, he has been very good during the day.  He likes to help and seems to enjoy the extra mommy time.  He LOVES going to his preschool and practically runs out the door with his lunchbox each Tuesday and Thursday morning.  Sleep has been the issue.  His normal two to three hour naps shortened to 30 to 45 minutes about two weeks after Jacob was born, but are now starting to return to normal.  The hardest part for me has been the screaming after I tuck him in as well as on and off throughout the night.  Eric has been fabulous and helps with Andrew during these screaming fits.  I am hoping the night sleep returns to normal soon!

Four weeks in, and I am actually starting to feel like I am settling into my new “normal.”  I can’t put into words how much I love being a mom to my four kids.  It’s the absolute hardest, most exhausting job EVER, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

jacob four weeksd

jacob four weeksa

jacob four weeksb

jacob four weeksc




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