due date

40 weeks
40 weeks2
40 weeks4
40 weeks3
How far along: Today would have been 40 weeks, my due date!
Countdown: Baby No. 4 arrived twelve days early, so he is 12 days old today!
Gender: BOY
Baby’s size: He’s a tiny little guy, but is back up to birth weight and is about 20 inches long.
Weight loss: 16 pounds
Maternity clothes: Yes.  As I tell Eric after every pregnancy, someone needs to come up with an awesome postpartum clothing line.  Regular clothes don’t fit, maternity clothes don’t fit…  Really, there needs to be an affordable and flattering line of clothing for women in that postpartum period!
Belly button {in or out}: Back to normal!
Sleep: Better than expected.  It seems that Jacob is already falling into a little routine {yay!}.  We are almost at the two week mark and he is going down for the night between eight and nine and waking up between 12am and one to nurse and for a diaper change.  We are usually up for 30 minutes or so, then he sleeps again until about 3am to nurse and then sleeps until anywhere from 5:30-6:30am.  After he nurses in the morning, he is now staying awake for a couple of hours.  So far he is completely happy and calm.  He likes to be held, but is also perfectly happy snuggling in his Boppy or in his swing.  Throughout the rest of the day, Jacob naps and then wakes to eat off and on, taking his longest nap in the late afternoon.  He is usually awake again for awhile before bedtime, and then we start all over again. 🙂
Best moment(s) this week: Thanksgiving was so much fun.  It was great to be with family, and the fantastic turkey dinner didn’t hurt either!  We also hosted a small second Thanksgiving this weekend so that Eric and I could cook a turkey, and most importantly, have leftovers!  Jacob’s birth announcements arrived, and I can’t wait to send them out.  We also got our Christmas tree and have the whole house decorated for Christmas.  Our new washer and dryer finally showed up {hooray for getting the dryer out of the middle of our kitchen!} as did Jacob’s Christmas stocking.  Life is busy and non-stop and while I still feel like I am adjusting, I am in a happy and really good place.  We are blessed!
Miss anything: I will always and forever miss being pregnant the second it’s over.  I will also forever miss baby kicks, the anticipation of meeting my new little one, and all the excitement that leads up to the birth of a new baby.
Cravings: I am just really, really thirsty!
Postpartum Symptoms: Honestly, I am doing really well this time!  The cramping of my uterus shrinking back down after Jacob was born was very tolerable.  I only took Motrin once in the hospital and since then have been great.  I’ve been told that the bleeding and cramping after birth tend to get worse with each pregnancy, but after Caitlyn’s birth, they have just gotten better with each baby.  I can’t complain!  Nursing is also going extremely well.  Thanks to lots of Lanolin before Jacob’s birth and after, I haven’t been nearly as sore this time around.  Jacob is a pro too, so that makes it more enjoyable!
Looking forward to: Enjoying each new baby phase {while I try my best not to wish the time away!}.
With that, my weekly updates are done!  I will miss these, but look forward to updating about Jacob each month.
Have a happy week!

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