21 months {andrew}


Age: 21 months on November 20, 2014

Sleeps: 7:00 pm – 7:00 am {or whenever we have to wake him up to get going for school}.  Andrew continues to be a good sleeper.  I was nervous about his transition from the crib to a “big boy bed” when we moved into our new house, but it has gone very, very well!  Andrew loves getting in his new bed and even calls it, “cozy.”

Naps: Andrew takes one long nap for about 2 hours everyday starting around 12:45.

Eats: Almost everything still, but will go through phases where he eats a ton of one food {bananas, for example}, and then doesn’t want to touch the same food for a week.

Diapers: size 6

Clothes: 2T clothes and 2T/3T pajamas.

Loves: Our new backyard.  Sweeping.  Cleaning.  Helping mama and daddy.  Reading books.  Cars.  Sharks.  Trucks.  Throwing balls.  Patting his new little brother on the head saying, “nice.”

Does NOT like: Being sick {poor thing is sick right now}.  When mama or daddy leave.

New this month: Andrew is stringing more and more words and phrases together.  His sense of humor continues to develop, as do his displays of affection for and dislike of things.

Looking forward to: Andrew being healthy again so that he can really start to interact with his little brother.  I am also really looking forward to Christmas with Andrew this year.



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