one week {jacob}



Well, I never got to write my “39 weeks” post since our little Jacob decided to arrive twelve days early.  Instead, this week I find myself a week into being a mommy for the forth time.  I feel incredibly blessed, a little tired, and so very in love.

Jacob is a tiny little guy.  Everything about him just seems so small and precious {says the mom whose third child was almost ten pounds at birth!}.  His little legs are so skinny and his fingers are toes are itty-bitty.  I am enjoying every precious moment with this little miracle.


Age: one week on November 25, 2014

Weighs: 7 lbs. 7.5 oz. {up 4 oz. from the weight he lost before leaving the hospital}  Height: 20 inches

Sleeps: like a newborn!  Jacob sleeps a lot, but I have already noticed that he definitely takes one longer nap in the afternoons.  At the very beginning he was up every hour to two at night, but last night he strung a couple of three hour stretches together.  Woo hoo!  I continue to hope and pray for my first really good night sleeper!  The other three kiddos really didn’t sleep well through the night until after one year!

Naps: at this point, naps all blend together, interrupted by brief periods of wakefulness {during which Jacob has been happy and calm so far} and lots of eating!

Eats: On demand.  Like a pro!  Jacob is exclusively nursing and is doing very well!  The frequency varies right now between every hour to every four hours.  Sometimes it’s a ten minute snack, other times he is ready for a half and hour or more meal!

Diapers: newborn {they are SO tiny!}.  Changing a boys’ diaper this second time around is not nearly as strange as it was with my first boy.  All I remember thinking at the beginning with Andrew was that boys are so much more difficult to change and clean than girls!  This time around, I feel like it’s no big deal.

Clothes: newborn.  I love those little sleep sacks and am enjoying seeing Jacob in some of my favorite outfits from Andrew’s newborn days.

Loves: sleeping, cuddling, swinging in his swing

Does NOT like: being changed/cold

Most difficult moment{s}: poor Andrew came down with some awful cold/stomach bug the day after Jacob came home from the hospital.  It has been extremely difficult to keep him far enough away from the baby, but still allow him to feel included.  Plus, I haven’t stopped washing my hands and disinfecting everything!  Exhausting!

Looking forward to: that first smile!



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