38 weeks

38 weeksa
38 weeks
How far along: 38 weeks on Sunday, November 16, 2014
Countdown: 2 weeks until due date {14 days!!}
Gender: ???
Baby’s size: Baby is about as big as a pumpkin {19-22 inches & about 6.2-9.2  pounds}.
Weight gain: 34 lbs. {stayed the same this week}
Maternity clothes: Yes.
Belly button {in or out}: In/flat
Sleep: I’ve been falling asleep very easily this week.  I really can’t even make it past nine if I have already sat down to relax for the evening.  I’m up about three times a night to use the bathroom, but I expected that for this stage of the pregnancy!
Best moment(s) this week: My sweet room moms, other class parents, and students threw me a surprise baby shower on Friday afternoon.  It was so much fun and a great surprise!  The three little surprise showers I got this time around really were very special.  They were great ways to celebrate our little number 4!
Miss anything: Not really.  Maybe being able to paint my toes and shave my legs easily!!
Movement: Lots and lots.  Big huge kicks again this week.  I also feel like baby has moved down onto my bladder.  Fun!
Cravings: None.
Symptoms: Tired.  Braxton Hicks contractions were less frequent this week, which was nice.  Maybe baby has settled down and decided to stay put for awhile?
Queasy or sick: Nope.  I was sure blessed in this area!
Looking forward to: Maternity leave!  I am teaching half days this week and am praying baby hangs out awhile past this Friday so that I can have a tiny bit of a break!  I’d love to make it to Caitlyn’s pre-school “Pow Wow” on Monday the week of Thanksgiving.  It would break my heart to miss it!  She asks me daily if I am going to be there.  Sweet girl.
I can’t believe baby is almost here!  I have loved being pregnant again and while I am nervous about all the change that comes along with a newborn, I am excited to experience this tiny baby phase one more time.  What a miracle!
Have a happy week!

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