pregnancy thoughts {the last weeks}

Physically I am… 

photo 3 (1)

comfortable.  I really feel good.  I honestly don’t feel pregnant most of the time.  I struggle when getting up from the sofa and it’s difficult to bend down and pick things up off the ground, but other than that I feel pretty “normal.”

…extremely exhausted.  I don’t know what it is this time around {or maybe I do…three kids at home, a recent move, teaching 20 four-year-olds, commuting two hours a day…}, but I have never been this exhausted in the third trimester before!  I am actually sleeping better than I did in previous pregnancies, but the exhaustion just won’t fade.

up 34 pounds, praying I stay healthy through the end of this pregnancy unlike in pregnancies two and three when I caught icky colds a week before my due date, and ready to be on maternity leave.

Emotionally I am…

…NERVOUS about labor and delivery {although I must admit I oddly feel slightly less nervous about it after my afternoon in labor and delivery the other day}.

photo 1 (1)

…nervous and excited about the first weeks home with baby.  I can’t wait to care for and cuddle a newborn one last time, but as with all my other births, have so many questions that will just have to wait to be answered: What will this baby’s personality be like?  How will my three kids react {mainly Andrew}?  How am I going to stay on top of it all?

…almost ready for baby to arrive.  I have a few more things I feel like I need to prepare at home and at work, and then would really love some “down time” before little number four arrives.  Honestly, if I could pick, this baby would stay inside until his or her due date!

The kids are…

…excited {from what I can tell}.  I think Andrew is pretty clueless, although he does point to my tummy and say “baby.”  Samantha has been practicing changing Andrew’s diaper and getting him ready for bath time.  Caitlyn was thrilled to get the baby a sweet gift and loves to feel the baby kick in my tummy.  I try my best to talk about the baby a lot with them, and to help them feel as involved as possible.

I am busy…

…packing!  My bag, baby’s bag, a bag for all three kids… When you have three kids at home and another on the way, it’s not just a “hospital bag” that needs to be packed!  Currently we all have bags in my car ready to go at any moment, but I keep thinking of things I should add…

…getting the nursery ready.  Since we just moved, I couldn’t do this much ahead of time.  I am still washing baby clothes and placing diapers around the house, too.  At least that car seat finally made it into the car!

photo 4

My official sex prediction for this baby is a…

…boy!  This prediction changed from my thoughts early on in the pregnancy.  I was almost 100% positive I was having a girl in the beginning {mainly because I did not experience morning sickness like I did at the beginning of Andrew’s pregnancy}, but somewhere along the way I started to feel like No. 4 is a boy.  Either one will be just great, and I just pray that he or she is born healthy and is a happy baby.  I am excited to find out!  NOW ALL WE NEED IS A NAME!

To my baby…

…Even though we haven’t officially met yet, I love you already.  You hold a piece of my heart just like your brother and sisters do.  I pray for you each day and am excited to hold you in my arms for the first time.  Until then…


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