This is the sixth time Eric and I have moved together.  We have never hired movers and have moved every single piece of furniture, every box…everything by ourselves {with the help, of course, from some wonderful family and friends}.  This time was a little different for me because I was 35 weeks pregnant.  My wonderful parents stationed themselves at my new house with me and worked all day helping in the yard and with projects around the house.  Our front and back yards looked like a jungle from months and months  of lack of care.  It took my poor dad almost all day just to get them cleaned up and bit and the lawn mowed.  We have some serious work to do outside!  If I had unlimited money I would hire someone to completely re-do everything from the front porch to the walkway to the grass to the plants.  I would paint the outside and add some character touches like shutters and new light fixtures.  Eric would definitely get his built in BBQ.  All in time, I suppose, but back to moving day:  My mom spent the entire day in the kitchen unpacking box after box, washing dishes, and trying to fit all of our kitchen things in a kitchen with about 1/3 the storage of our old one.  I directed people where to go, and helped out in the kitchen as well.  We put a second full day in on Sunday getting things put away, but by Sunday’s end were no where near being able to live in the house.  That means that Eric and I have been driving out to the new house each night, working for a few hours after work, and not getting back to my parents’ house until almost 11:00 pm to go to sleep.  We still have a LONG way to go, but we’re making progress and our cozy little house is starting to feel like home.  Here a couple before shots and one of Andrew’s room {which although still far from done, is the most put together room in the whole house}…

new house living room 600pix


{I had a quiet house to myself before all of the guys arrived with our furniture and boxes.  I enjoyed a few moments in our new living room soaking it all in and enjoying my new favorite paint color ::porous stone by dunn edwards::}

new house guest room 600pix


{Here is our guest bedroom, which is also going to be the baby’s nursery for the time begin.  I love this paint color too ::porpoise by dunn edwards::}.


new house andrew's room 600pix

{I can’t believe Andrew will be sleeping in a “big boy” bed come this weekend when we actually move in.  We are using large pool noodles tucked under the mattress pad and fitted sheet as “railings” and are hoping for the best!  Andrew’s room is also done in Dunn Edwards’ Porpoise}.

I can’t wait to get all of the boxes out of the house, to hang pictures, and to start living in our new home.  I am excited about setting up the new nursery and putting away tiny diapers and baby clothes.  I am excited to start making this little house our new home and for all of the fun to be had there.

I hope you are far less tired than I this Wednesday afternoon!  Have a good night!



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