20 months {andrew}

20 months!  We are almost all the way through the second year and, as usual, I can’t believe it!  Andrew is such a cuddly little guy.  He has a great sense of humor and cracks me up daily.  He loves to be picked up and held, or to just come and plop down on my lap.  He is such a sweet guy!





Age: 20 months on October 20, 2014

Sleeps: 7:00 pm – 6:45 am.  Andrew is a good sleeper.  He falls asleep easily and sleeps all night long.  In the morning he likes to play and talk quietly with his little stuffed animals for a bit before he become more vocal about getting up and the “mama!  mama!” starts.

Naps: Andrew takes one long nap for about 2 hours everyday starting around 12:15- 12:45.  He continues, as he has been from the start, to be a great napper.

Eats: Almost everything.  He loves fruit and especially loves squash, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.  He likes to feed himself and is doing a great job even with the messier foods like yogurt and cereal.  As has been the case since the day he was born, the second he is hungry, he is HUNGRY.  We’re in for a major melt down if the meal isn’t ready when he is!  We are working on that!

Diapers: size 5, but as soon as we run out, I’m buying size 6.  I can barely get the 5’s closed anymore!  I’ve never had a baby in size 6 diapers before!!!

Clothes: Probably 3T now.  It’s been so hot that he has still been wearing all of his 2T summer clothes, but I need to do some shopping for fall and winter clothes, and I’m positive I will have to buy 3T.

Loves: His family.  Looking at pictures.  Animals.  Books.  Eating. Cars. “Sissy!” {which is synonymous for both Samantha and Caitlyn}.  Elmo.

Does NOT like: Being hungry.  When mama or daddy leave.

New this month: More and more vocabulary each day.  He loves to tell anyone who walks into the room with him to “sit” next to him as he pats the bed or the sofa or the ground near where he is sitting.

Looking forward to: Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The holiday season is just about upon us and I can’t wait!  Andrew is at the age now when the holidays start to get really exciting and I can’t wait to see his face and enjoy every moment right along with him.



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