we did it!

We did it!  We made it through escrow and this past Thursday closed on our new home!  It’s been a long journey, and a bizarre one to0: one that started in August of 2013 when we decided to sell our town home.  Eight months and two Realtors later, we sold our home in April of this year and moved in with my parents {who, by the way, I am beyond thankful for!  They let all five of us take over their home for the past seven months!} while the search began for our new place.  We knew it would be a difficult search with our budget in one of the craziest housing markets in the entire country, and it was.  In all actuality, the search was actually a little easier than I thought it might be.  I think we put about five offers in on houses, looked at about fifty houses or so, and finally got an offer accepted after lots of crazy back and forth with the sellers.  Closing escrow didn’t come without its difficulties either, but it is finally final and we’re done.   Now with about six weeks or so until the baby, we have a big move ahead of us while we both work full time and all the kids are in school and in full swing with their fall after school activities.  Crazy.  I feel like we don’t know how to do life any other way!  Both front and back yards need full landscaping, we need a new roof on our covered back patio, a new garage door, interior paint {and exterior too, but that will have to wait}, window coverings, and more…but the house was a flip, so overall it’s clean and new and not too far off from our own taste.  What an exciting new adventure this will be!  I’ll keep you updated!



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