18 months {Andrew}

18 months just seems so old!  Andrew really isn’t a baby anymore {even though I will forever think of him as my baby boy}.  He is a full blown toddler, walking and even running around.  He is showing hints of having the ability to throw great temper tantrums, which hopefully we can stop before they really begin like we did with the girls.  He has a great sense of humor and is the sweetest stinker you’ll ever meet.  It is going to be more than difficult to drop him off at day care in the coming weeks and return to work.

Age: 18 months on August 20, 2014





Sleeps: 7:30 pm – 6:45 am.  I think he is sensing the upcoming transition back to work and school, as he has started to fuss some nights in the middle of the night.  Poor guy.  Truth be told, I am having a hard time sleeping, too.

Naps: Andrew takes one long nap for 2-3 hours everyday around 12:45.  He continues, as he has been from the start, to be a great napper.

Eats: Just about everything, but I am noticing that he has started to be a little picky about some fruits and vegetables.  We’re going to try to stop that right away!  I do NOT need another picky eater!  Some new favorites include peaches and pineapple, a renewed interest in yogurt, and crackers.

Diapers: size 5

Clothes: 2T.  Barely.

Loves: being with Mama, rushing to the door anytime someone gets home to see who it is {his shrieks of “Daddy!  Daddy!” are just adorable}, coloring, playing in the sandbox, “swimming,” being outside, playing with anything and everything he is not supposed to play with, Elmo {whom he affectionately calls “Mo”}, looking at pictures of his family and naming each and every person in each photo, reading books {especially “The Wheels on the Bus.”  We have been reading it every nap time and every night for weeks!}, cars, trucks, trains, anything with wheels, cleaning, and walking around with his new broom from Grandma.

Does NOT like: to be told “no” or to have something taken away from him {i.e. Mama’s iPhone, kitchen utensils, etc.}

New this month: temper tantrums.  Not all out ones yet, but I definitely see the potential there.  We are going to put a stop to this VERY quickly!

Looking forward to: seeing Andrew’s sense of humor and vocabulary continue to develop and grow.



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