25 weeks

25 weeksa
How far along: 25 weeks on Sunday, August 17, 2014
Countdown: 15 weeks to go
Gender: ???
Baby’s size: Baby is about the size of a cauliflower {13.5-14.5 inches & 1.5-2 pounds}.
Weight gain: 22 lbs. {according to my doctor’s scale, but 20 lbs. according to all scales at home – at least they were closer this month!}
Maternity clothes: Yes.
Belly button {in or out}: In.
Sleep: Between the craziness of house hunting, setting my classroom back up, and Andrew waking up around 11:00pm a couple nights this week, I’ve had a difficult time falling asleep.  My mind feels likes it’s racing and it won’t stop.  I feel like I am back in 7th grade suffering with my horrible insomnia again.  It NEEDS to go away!  Once I fall asleep, I am sleeping very soundly.  I just need more than five hours of sleep a night!
Best moment(s) this week: We officially, officially began the house hunt and looked at 13 houses this weekend.  Of course, it had to be about 100 degrees while we were looking!  I think Eric and I are both feeling hopeful and are trying to stay very positive!  We even took our agent by Donut Man, which we hadn’t been to since moving away from Azusa four months ago, and bought a box full of donuts {it is probably a good thing that we decided we didn’t love the house right around the corner!}.  I also had my 24 week doctor appointment this week and for the first time, my doctor didn’t have a difficult time finding baby’s heartbeat {yay!}.  Baby is finally big enough that the anterior placenta isn’t making it difficult anymore.
Miss anything: An ice cold margarita or beer would sure have been nice this past hot week!  It would also be nice to have a swim suit that fits.
Movement: Yes.  Lots of good strong kicking going on now.  I’m not having a hard time feeling baby anymore.  I get to feel the baby a lot at night and in the morning and even off and on throughout the day now when I sit down for awhile.
Cravings: Lemon.  Lemon bars {which I finally made}, lemonade, lemon cake…
Symptoms: I am comfortable overall and doing well.  If I sit for a long period of time I definitely waddle a little when I stand back up until I get going again, however!
Queasy or sick: Not at all.
Looking forward to: Finding THE house so I can start picturing life with our family of 6 in our new home.

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