17 months {andrew}

I don’t know what it is about this age, but right around now with all of my kids, it’s like we enter a magical time.  Everything seems to get easier and simpler.  As long as Andrew is fed {and believe me, some days it feels like he is eating ALL day long!}, he is so happy.  He can entertain himself for long periods of time now.  He listens to and understands “no” so much better, and really interacts with his sisters and other people.  He responds to language and can say more in response.  He doesn’t fall apart as easily, sleeps well, naps well, is great in the car, and out on errands.  Of course we have our difficult moments, and “witching hour” still occurs without fail every day from 4:00 – dinner time, but overall life is happy, good, and fun.  Andrew has developed such a great personality and makes the funniest faces.  He has the greatest smile and just absolutely loves his family.  I couldn’t have picked out a better little boy.

Age: 17 months on July 20, 2014


Sleeps: 7:30pm – 6:30/7:00am.  Putting Andrew to bed is so much fun.  We read stories and laugh together.  It’s like we have little inside jokes and when we look at each other, we just start laughing.  Some nights I can’t get enough and have the hardest time leaving his room.  I’m soaking in every minute.  I still nurse Andrew at bedtime some nights, but am starting to get a little sore, so that will probably be ending in the next month.  Bedtime is just precious mama and baby time.  We end with songs and cuddles and then Andrew reaches for his crib.  When I set him down, he lies right down on his tummy and closes his eyes.  Most nights there is not a peep after I set him down.  Some nights though, when he really doesn’t want me to leave, he still cries for a few minutes, but not for long.  He’s a great sleeper and soundly sleeps all night long.

Naps: Andrew takes one long nap for 2-3 hours everyday around 12:00 or 12:30.  He is really good about letting me know when he is tired: the “night, night, night” he whines as he stumbles around is a pretty clear indication.  He goes down without a fuss now too, which is fabulous!

Eats: Just about everything!  It’s like he has an internal food timer too.  At 9:00 am every day, without fail, he starts to let me know he is hungry.  Usually he starts saying, “nana, nana” {banana}, or he will walk over to the counter and point to the bowl where the bananas are sitting.  He will easily eat a whole banana at snack time, along with a graham cracker and some water or milk.  He loves spaghetti, scrambled eggs, watermelon, peaches, almonds, pizza, quesadillas, chips or pretzels or crackers dipped in anything {like salsa, artichoke dip, etc.}, smoothies, salad, corn on the cob, and chicken, among many other foods.  Unlike my girls, he will also drink from any kind of cup.  He’ll drink successfully from a cup like a “big boy” with no lid at all, he will use a sippy cup, or he’ll drink from a straw.

Diapers: size 5

Clothes: 2T, but the PJs are definitely snug.  I am hoping to make them last all summer though, so that when I buy him new ones, we can just switch to the warmer winter PJs in a larger size.

Loves: eating, walking & “running” everywhere, playing outside, splashing around in the pool, reading books, cuddling, playing with Lego Duplos and Mega Blocks, playing with any kind of car or toy with wheels, watching the trash trucks go by and pick up trash on trash day, watching the gardeners, dogs, his family, going on walks, climbing the stepladder when grandma gets it out in the kitchen, waiting for his sisters to get picked up and dropped off from camp, bath time, showing you his belly button, playing hide and seek and hiding behind his crib, and so much more!

Does NOT like: being hungry or tired.

New this month: Andrew’s vocabulary continues to grow {including words such as dirty, jiggle, “goo ry” or “guh-guh” for Uncle Gary, grandma, and more}.  Andrew is starting to navigate stairs while walking pretty well too.  He’s an expert if he can hold onto your hand or the wall, and makes a good attempt at going up and down a single stair solo too.  He loves looking through books by himself, talking the whole time, and pointing to things he recognizes.  He absolutely LOVES pushing cars around the entire house.

Looking forward to: the rest of summer at home with my little buddy.



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