our summer schedule with three

I. Love.  Summer.  Honestly, it’s not because of the weather {although I do love the long days of sunshine}, and it’s not because of all the swimming and s’more making we get to do {which we like to do a lot!}… it’s because I get to stay home!

A typical summer day looks very different from one of my days during the school year:  a lot less stress, a lot more “free” time, and lot more fun.  Days are still busy and packed full of activities, but I love each moment and never want summer to end {even on those long days when all the kids are cranky and I am tired – it’s not perfect, but I’ll take it}!

Here is a peek into out summer schedule…

6:00-7:00am  :: Wake – up time!  Truthfully, I would prefer to sleep in a little longer, but my body can’t break the habit of waking at such an early hour from during the school year and my 16-month-old has other plans.  Once I’m up, I quickly put on a little make-up, maybe do my hair if we are planning on going out that day {otherwise up on my head it goes!}, make the bed, and then hurry out to the kitchen to get breakfast for my little ones and myself.  Many days Eric is already gone by this point, or on his way out the door, so the kids and I usually do breakfast solo.


7:00-8:15 ::  We eat breakfast and then the mad dash to get ready for camp begins.  It’s a whirlwind of sunscreen, tooth brushing, hair de-tangling, shoe finding, lunch bag grabbing and then the girls are picked up and gone by about 8:15.


8:15-9:15  ::  Andrew and I go on a walk with my mom.  I load Andrew up in his stroller with a few toys and a sippy cup of water and we’re good to go.  He is so great on walks and just enjoys the ride.


9:15-11:30  ::  Andrew usually has a snack when we get back from our walk, and then it’s mama and baby time.  Some days it’s story time at the library, other days we pull out all his books and toys.  Some days I’m doing laundry and cleaning and organizing, so Andrew hangs out at my feet and entertains himself {which he has gotten SO good at in just the past couple of weeks!}.  On Thursdays when the girls aren’t at camp, Andrew tags along to Caitlyn’s ballet class and Samantha’s hip hop class and usually sits on the floor in front of me cleaning everything in sight with a baby wipe {my kind of kid!}.




11:30-12:30  ::  Andrew gets hungry early {and so do I!}, so I feed him first, get him down for his afternoon nap, and then make myself {and the girls when they’re home} lunch.  On milder days we like to eat out on the patio, but it’s gotten too hot for that recently, so we stick with eating indoors.

12:30-3:00pm  ::  Usually I can find a little quiet time and a little “me” time during this part of the day.  Andrew naps and I pay bills, read, work on some project, blog, and sometimes fight the urge to nap myself.

3:00-5:30  ::  The girls get home from camp and eat snacks.  Andrew gets up from his nap and eats a snack.  The girls have their quiet rest time to decompress after their busy day.  Usually they watch half an hour of Disney Jr.  Some days they play quietly in their room.  When they {and I} have enough energy, I will take them outside to go swimming.  Dinner prep somehow also happens in this time period.  We all get hungry early, so the prep has to start early too!  This is one of the hardest parts of the day for me because I start to get really tired, the kids are more tired and more prone to crankiness, and Andrew {it never fails} is always hungry at least half an hour before dinner is ready!



5:30-7:00  ::  Dinner time, sometimes an evening family walk, bath time, and preparation for the next day {lunch making, putting away laundry, getting outfits ready, etc} . Somewhere in here Eric usually gets home {big help for me!}.   Samantha will do her daily reading while Caitlyn “reads” on her own bed or watches a show.  When we’re feeling generous, the girls will get a movie night and curl up with their blankets and buddies.

7:00-8:00  ::  Somewhere in this hour I usually get all three kids to bed.  Andrew first, then Caitlyn, then Samantha.  Tooth brushing, stories, prayers, and to bed they each go.  This probably my favorite part of the day, but I am sure exhausted by the time I get the last one in bed!

8:00-10:00  ::  Mama and dada time.  Eric and I don’t get much time together during the work week, unfortunately.  Sometimes I read and he uses the iPad, or we watch TV together.  I usually take my shower during this time and just RELAX.  I rarely make it past 10:00pm, and that’s even being generous.

As tired as I am most days, I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.  I love our little routine and every precious moment with my kids!



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