our family’s new way to approach Christmas gift giving

July may seem a little early to start thinking about Christmas, but with four kids to buy for this year, and the new baby due to arrive less than one month before the big holiday, I want to approach this holiday season well prepared!

I absolutely love Christmas, the whole season, and everything about it.  Yes, I’ll admit it: I even love purchasing, wrapping, and receiving gifts.  As both my immediate and extended family have grown over the years, however, this whole Christmas gift thing has gotten completely overwhelming and down right expensive.  I honestly don’t want my children’s focus of Christmas to be gifts, but at the same time, I love the joy I feel when buying little goodies for them, and even better, their excitement in unwrapping these little treasures on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

Last year I came across this post from Emily at Jones Design Company.  Unfortunately, when I came across it, I was already done with most of my shopping for my three kids.  Her idea stayed with me since I read her post, however, and this year I decided to adopt her idea and run with it!  It’s pretty simple: Instead of buying mountains and mountains of gifts for our kids {let’s face it, they will get PLENTY of other gifts from grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.}, we are going to stick with four gifts per child.  At four kids this Christmas, we are still purchasing 16 presents for our own kids alone!  What I liked so much about Emily’s method was not only that she scaled back on the amount of gifts each child receives, but she had her children put more thought into the kinds of gifts they would like to receive.  She used these four cute categories:

christmas wish ideas

I am so excited to present this idea to my kids, to see what gift ideas they come up with, and then to go out and find special treasures to give them.  Obviously Andrew and the new baby will not create their own wish lists, but I am still going to buy them each four gifts using these categories.

Feel free to use this free printable to get your own wish lists started!

Christmas Wish List Blank Template

How do you approach Christmas gift giving in your family?



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