time for a little change

About two years ago, after a long time and A LOT of prayer, I started my own small business.  It was time for me to finally follow my dreams!  My dreams continue to change and grow as my life takes many twists and turns.  Although this blog began as “Jenny Ikari Design” with my art and shop as the centerpiece, I found that talking about motherhood, my life, my struggles, and my joys, as well as talking to other women and mommies was really what this space became all about.  You can continue to purchase my artwork in my new Jenny Ikari Design Etsy shop beginning this summer, 2014, however this space will be dedicated to sharing about what it’s like to be a working mom of three {soon to be four!}, a wife, and all things that go along with this crazy, yet beautiful life God has given me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by my little blog, now titled “Ikari, Party of 6.”  My hope is that my stories, successes, and struggles might bring a little solace, a little happiness, a little something beautiful, a little laughter, and even a little inspiration into your lives.



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