16 weeks

16 weeksa
16 weeks
How far along: 16 weeks on Sunday, June 15, 2014
Countdown: 24 weeks to go
Gender: ???
Baby’s size: Baby is about the size of an avocado {4-5 inches & 3-5 ounces}
Weight gain: 6 lbs. + {will find out tomorrow at my 16 week appointment}
Maternity clothes: Yes.
Belly button {in or out}: In
Sleep: Good.  Ready to get more of it now that summer vacation is here!
Best moment(s) this week: The last day of school and the beginning of summer vacation!  I couldn’t be more excited 🙂  This school year just flew by, but I was SO ready for it to end.  The last six weeks just were really rough and I am ready for a mental break, time with my kids, summer sunshine, reading books, watching some new TV shows {just started Orange is the New Black AND Breaking Bad this weekend}, sleep, s’mores, and hopefully feeling baby move!
Miss anything: My favorite summer margarita 🙂
Movement: Nope.  It’s amazing to me that baby is the size of an avocado, yet I can’t even feel him or her in there.
Cravings: None.  It would be kind of fun to have some!
Symptoms: A little round ligament pain here and there, but overall doing great!
Queasy or sick: No more nausea, feeling good.
Looking forward to: Hopefully hearing baby’s heartbeat at my appointment tomorrow.
This week I must finally be looking pregnant.  Yay!  Maybe we’re past that awkward “fat” phase.  I had about three people ask me if I am pregnant {something I would NEVER ask someone, but hey, I am, so it was okay!}.  I also had a really rude “was this baby a mistake?” question.  The rude things people ask and say to you when you are pregnant baffle me.  In my opinion, it is no one’s business if a baby {whether it is your first or your tenth} is a “mistake” or an “accident.”  I believe God has a plan for every person and that no child is EVER a mistake or an accident.  I just politely smiled and said, “this baby is a blessing and an answer to many prayers.”  I may rant in a whole post on this topic later…

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