no. 4





I am thrilled to share some news that I didn’t know if I would every get to share again…God willing, our family will be welcoming a healthy baby at the end of November this year!  Our little No. 4 is due November 30, 2014.

To say I am excited is an understatement.  I am thrilled to be on this journey again and can’t wait to meet our new little miracle.  Some part of me tells me that I have some things I should worry about…like how expensive it will be with four kids {believe me, I am aware…but we work hard, pray a lot, and God always, always provides!}, how the whole family will no longer fit all together in most cars, that finding a new house just got a little trickier, that life will get just that much busier…but honestly, none of that bothers me.  I am realistic, yes.  Life IS going to get trickier, but I have been given the most precious gift, and I am ready to welcome this gift with love and open arms.

Love multiplies.  This I know for a fact.  I have experienced loves’ infinite ability to multiply with the birth of each of my three children.  I am excited and feel beyond blessed that I get to experience this miracle another time.  I am thrilled to be pregnant again, to feel those baby kicks, to wait with anticipation to meet the new baby.  This time around I don’t feel all the early nerves I felt with Andrew’s pregnancy {nor the awful morning sickness!}.  I feel relaxed and happy and excited, very excited.  I guess when I think about it, I am nervous about the delivery again, but what expectant mother isn’t?  I don’t think those nerves ever go away no matter how many children you’ve had.  I am praying for an uncomplicated pregnancy, a healthy baby, a safe delivery, and a quick recovery.  We will see what this forth journey into parenthood brings!  With all that has been going on in the world around me recently, I am ready for some joy 🙂



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