red balloons for ryan


I have attempted to sit down and write this time after time and just can’t find the words.  Even now I know that whatever I write will simply not be enough.

A good friend of our family and his wife lost their son Ryan a couple of Fridays ago when he was struck by a vehicle after running into the street to retrieve a Frisbee.  Although Ryan is now running around in Heaven with Jesus, his loss is felt tremendously here on Earth.

Since hearing the news a couple of Saturdays ago, my heart has been broken…Broken for Dan and Jacqui, young parents who lost their son way too soon.  I honestly don’t have the words to accurately describe how I am feeling, and my feelings, I know, are only a small fraction of what my friends are feeling.  I haven’t stopped praying for them, for their family, and for all parents: that we take the time to love our kids where they are, how they are, no matter what.  That we stop and give them hugs and shower them with kisses.  That the last words they hear us say each time we leave them are, “I love you.”

On Friday afternoon a group of friends and family gathered together at a local park…  The park in which many of us met and became close friends with Dan.  There we gathered, prayed, shared stories, and then sent red balloons up into the heavens for dear little Ryan.  We spoke of hope, of remembering, of being there for our friends, not just for now, not just in a few weeks, but in the years ahead.  We smiled and we cried and we thought of Ryan.







I write this now, to share a little piece of this story and to remind myself, if no one else, that children are God’s most precious gift.  Whenever I picture Ryan and his curly, red hair, I will remember that. # red balloons for ryan



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