14 month update {andrew}

Here we are at 14 months already!  Andrew just happened to turn 14 months old on Easter Sunday.  It was a beautiful and fun day with family.  Andrew actually helped hunt for eggs this year and loved placing the eggs he “found” in the girls’ baskets.  I can’t believe that last year at Easter, Andrew was just about a month old.  Time sure flies!

Age: 14 months on April 20, 2014

Weight: heavy     Height: tall! 🙂

{I’ve been bad about measuring!}

DSC_0510a 600pix


Sleeps: We are back to odd sleep patterns again.  We sold and moved out of our town home last month and are temporarily living at my parents’ house until we purchase a new one.  The move, the new room, and all the change have disrupted Andrew’s sleep and he’s back to waking up once or twice a night.  He wakes up around 9:45pm and/or 5:00am.  Oh well.  One day we’ll sleep through the night again!

Naps: At home, Andrew naps around 9am and again around 1pm.  At daycare, Andrew only takes one nap at 1:0opm.  His two naps at home usually total about 3 hours, but he only naps 1-2 hours at daycare.

Eats: A TON!  He loves finger foods: turkey meatballs, broccoli with cheese, strawberries, bananas, small pretzels, potatoes…you name it, he’ll eat it.  He wants to feed himself his purees now too, so meal time has gotten quite a bit messier!  His newest found favorite food is cuties.  I peel them, give him the slices, and he’ll quickly go through two or three whole tangerines in one sitting!  He also likes feeding him self those fruit pouches.

Diapers: still in size 5, but looking like we could switch to size 6 and still be okay

Clothes: 18 – 24 months, but really more like 24 months/2T because a lot of the 18 months clothes {mainly shirts and sweaters} are looking a little short/tight

Loves: climbing, being outside, reading books, playing with his little stuffed animals in his crib when he wakes up in the morning

Does NOT like: being hungry or tired.  He gets CRANKY.

New this month: Andrew’s language is really taking off now.  He understands most questions asked of him and will nod a yes or say “yah” or shake his head “no.”  Andrew says “uh oh” a lot and will drop things on purpose just so he can say it.  He also uses “no” appropriately and called grandpa “papa” this past week.  He says “what’s that?” as he points at things and loves to point at any dog he sees and say “da!”

Looking forward to: His first steps!  He’s walking comfortably with rolling toys now and along furniture, so my guess is that within the month we might have a walker!



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